Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random things Id like to throw out there

  • Leaving that unit at Lewis was HANDS DOWN the best thing we ever did. The company we were in was famous for being a total train wreck. As that was the first unit we had ever been in, that was all weve ever known of the army. Fast forward to this unit, and my husband walking through the door every day NOT clutching his chest because of stress pains. Thats pretty excellent.
  • I love Savannah. Why has no one taken me to Savannah before? We went Sunday for our anniversary, and did the tourist thing - took a guided trolley tour and ate at an American Tapas lounge. It was about 400 degrees outside, and yet we had an amazing time. 

Allen says that Im finally looking Mexican again.

  • Here I am, a day shy of 25 weeks, and our nursery is 100% complete. Im not exactly sure what Im going to do for the next 15 weeks, now that we have everything we need, but I assume Ill find things that the baby will never actually use. Allen insists that we need a baby monitor with a video feed - which, I would absolutely want to do if we were in a 9000 sq foot mansion and couldnt walk the 20 feet to the bedroom. But ..... we arent going anywhere any time soon.  Then again, he has 15 weeks of me wanting to buy things for the children, and Devon doesnt get his big shopping trip until August and back to school (SEVENTH GRADE, dear God).

My favorite part of the nursery - John’s namesakes (Great Grandpa Cone & Great Grandpa Hodge) and mom, dad and big brother!

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  1. I can't wait for Dustin to be officially DONE with his unit in Washington. Seriously, shit does not happen like it does there in other places. We know from experience. I'm glad you have upgraded!!! I love John's room, it is so cute and the pictures are a nice touch!