Tuesday, September 20, 2011


As of today we start going in for our every 48 hour appointments.

Allen doesnt mind as he runs his guys through PT, sets up the day and comes home (hello, wonderful unit that is so family friendly that the BN Commanders wife calls me to check on me .... so different ...). Then we trek to Savannah and go see Jr on the big screen to make sure that all his electric/plumbing/water is still turned on.

Today Im going to spend yelling back at the screen. I love you kid but Ive had it. Yes, I know youll come when youre ready but mommy’s hips are breaking and I havent slept for more than 2 hours at a time since ..... 34 weeks? Not that itll change with a baby, but possibly there will be an end in sight.

Countdown is t-8 days until well have to party down at the hospital. God help them if they are intervention happy because Allen is in full on daddy bear mode (good man) and will shank them in their eyeballs if they try to pull anything crazy. Hes been well educated on timelines, why we dont break water artificially until the last second, why we dont want pitocin, or a c section, and why baby doesnt get removed from our sight - and Lord really help them if they put in the eye drops or try to take this kid to get circ’d.

John, please come out at the birth center. Its really going to be a lot less painful for you at the end.

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