Saturday, September 17, 2011

The waiting game ...

I can handle it. Its the people surrounding me that I fear for.

Honestly its not that bad. Its not like my due date coming put some sort of launch code into sequence. Although my suggestion for modern medicine (besides figuring out how to grow babies like sea monkeys - and only on purpose for people who want one/arent on crack) is to figure out exactly when the baby is going to “flip the switch” (as my midwife likes to put it) and rocket down the birth canal. That would be awfully handy, to be able to say “well, looks like John Douglas will be here a week from tomorrow. We just got his room confirmation”.

Trying to make the most of the time still. Yesterday we took a trip to Savannah, had dinner at the Macaroni Grill and enjoyed sleeping almost 12 hours. This morning took a breakfast trip to Dunkin Donuts and watched football/napped most of the day. Tomorrow Im going to Savannah again with the girls to do a little shopping (and walking, which they say helps. But they are full of shit so fuck ‘em). I figure there will be a time, and that time will be soon, when I just stay home rather than lug around a baby and all his accessories. Plus Ive snuggled with the puppies a lot since I fear they will feel neglected soon.

In bad news I can literally see the clock ticking down on our natural birth center birth. Trying not to stress as my MW told me that most women never make it to their hospital date once its set, and instead go into labor at the 11th hour. As of tomorrow we have 11 days to make it happen. I know they say worrying will just stop labor, but tell me how not to think about it at all and Ill give you a cookie. A “milk maker” cookie at that.

Tuesday we go in for the first (of many if we go the whole two weeks) NST’s and BPP’s. She also said that shell start some “natural” induction methods. Dont worry, I asked if that meant having sex with a random - it doesnt.

So, in true “my baby” fashion, hes late as hell. I do it all the time so I cant really be mad at him for it can I?

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  1. Just don't let them strip your membranes! It will hurt like hell and doesn't do anything! ((hugs)) I know it must be so hard to wait and think that maybe things won't go as planned but just remember that you specifically we chosen to be John's mother because someone up there knew you could handle this!