Thursday, September 15, 2011

I need a sign on my forehead ....

That says “no baby yet”.

Im way more zen than I have any right to be at this moment. Hell be here in 2 weeks no matter what so for now Im kicking back and enjoying the last of the days where we can lay around, eat in bed, stay up until all hours of the night (because we want to, not because we have to) and we can go on date nights (which we are going on our “final” one tomorrow).

John Douglas I certainly prefer you come before our 2 week window is up (as weve planned for this birth center birth and it would really eff it all up) but you are my baby. So the odds of you being late to the party are very very good. Its okay - I love you anyway.

Theres a lot more in the mix right now that I cant write about and it pisses me off. Suffice to say the winds of change are rustling around but its anyones guess how that will play out. Stay tuned :)

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